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These are examples of what you will receive!
The crafts kits in a clockwise direction from the top left are:-

aladins lamp Christmas Funpack.
aladins lamp Quilling Refrigerator Magnets.
aladins lamp Mr Smiley & Mr Grumpy Felt Puppet.
aladins lamp Mini Weaving with Frame.
aladins lamp Snugbug.
aladins lamp Dainty Fairy Embroidery Kit.

Each kit comes individually packed and unless otherwise stated contains everything you need to complete the project. We do not normally ship liquids such as glue and paint due to the cost and possible spillage. When painting is required we always assume that paints usually poster paints are readily available. In certain cases machine sewing is required, we have tried to indicate where this is necessary.

Each crafts kit is packed in a robust polyethylene bag and contains individual instructions for completing the particular project. Not all the materials are exactly the same color as we like to provide a variety for different children - especially in the class room which is our main market.

We pride ourselves in providing the same quality in all our kits. This reduces conflict in the classroom situation. We also aim to take the hassle out of working Mom's lives and reduce busy teacher's preparation time. Just open one of our Craft Kits and have fun!

We hope you enjoy your Craft Kit from Kids Kits as much as we enjoyed putting it together! The ideal crafts project for kids!

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