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Kids Kits makes and sells a range of craft, sewing, art, educational & hobby kits especially for kids. Our crafts are predominantly for children between the ages of 7 and 15. Many of our projects and activities are suitable for all ages. We cater for boys and girls. Each kit comes pre-packed with clear instructions and contains everything you need to complete the project. We send crafts kits all over the world. We can do this economically as we make everything ourselves and sell direct.

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We have tried to make this site as fast as possible. There are pictures of every single kit under Sebastian who looks after our photos. Please click Sebastian to see individual kits in their completed form. At the bottom of the page you can also see a series of our kits in their packed form.

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New to Kids KitsE 007: APPLIQUE SHOE BAG:-
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Applique a bright fun design on the gingham provided. Decorate with easy embroidery stitches, then stitch this pocket onto the prepared drawsting bag. Kit makes a wonderful shoebag for Mom, a great golf ball bag for Dad or a marble bag for your brother. It's a keep anything type of bag.
Kit contains: Overlocked floral and denim shoe bag, gingham and plain fabrics, Aida cross stitch strip (for name), needle,threads appliqe paper and instructions with a selection of designs.
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